Saturday, February 9, 2013

Name :Cendré Burger
Restaurant :Le Cosmos, Lévis
Place :Lévis,Qc
Type :Lunch special
Description : Meat patty with Cendré cheese, curry mayo with fries and Rickards Red beer

Once upon a time, a desk jockey need an oasis to recover.
When the productivity is low and when the time is flowing like canola oil in winter, we lust for an alternative reality. Alternative to the time, not the productivity. So we go out for lunch. One of our wormhole entries serves daily changing burger and red beer. Faithful recipe for a better Friday afternoon.
The snag is the dosing of the ale. Just enough to be alert but with a snug smile on the corner of the mouth

We did met our challenge that day.

The burger was nice served with a girly side of fries.
The melted Cendré cheese is tasty but not too much, so that the burger is well balanced.
Note : bacon added as extra, but it's bacon so who cares ?

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