Saturday, May 31, 2014

The ultimate reason to be early at YUL : Archibald

First the beer looks good.
And not being A guy to take a beer on its look, I sampled it,twice. Delicious red ale. Finding craft beer in Airport is a pleasant surprise. I hope it's a trend that will catch on. Fly there and get a pint of local brew in passing. Better way to kill time then hovering in the dirty free shops.

Second the whole place looks good.

 So Canadian with the red plaid and the moose head mounted on the wall. Not your average airport bar,hé

Third the food looks good
There is bacon. :)
Angus beef meat with bacon and local cheese. Not an industrial orange slide of some modified milk substances. Did I mention Bacon ?
Yup, it's another beer, so what ?

Fourth desert with beer in.

From there passing security scrutiny on a happy beer tinted cloud, boarding with a full belly on deliciousness nearly make flying enjoyable again

Friday, April 12, 2013

Futile One Sentence review: Evil Dead (2013)

The only scary thing in this movie is the fact that this is a horror movie with no boobs in it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

All we need is budget.

We have it all but one.
We can make better burgers 
(Disclaimer: I never had one of their burgers  but do they change bums by grilled cheese ?)
I can do homemade chips. Crispy as ordered and made on demand.
We have a selection of 20 high end Microbreweries products and one green tea.
My co-blogger can provide the cutest baby girl of the world.
We got cameras, light and all kind of photographic stuffs
Handmade High end fine art black and white prints are available
Did I mention craft beers and bacon already?
The prettiest little city of North America and the oldest too.
We could go up to a salad leaf per burger.
We just lack a few thousand dollars for transport, accommodation and salaries.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Burger experiment #1: The Crazy Mohawk Burger

They say "Dead meat needs love too"... that's quite all right cause I got I lot of love to give. Yesterday as I was looking for a good way to spread the love and save humanity, I came upon a great idea.

Why not make a humongous burger that could potentially hurt my life expectancy and provide an extraordinary culinary pleasure! The type of burger that can bitch slap all the other burgers back to their fat mamas in Hamburg.

A burger ain't a burger if there ain't no cheese in it; I do declare. And it's probably not even eatable if there is no bacon in it! So these two ingredients will be our foundations. That and a lot of fat Canadian ground beef!

- a POUND of ground beef
- a POUND of bacon
- a QUARTER POUND of OKA cheese

In fact, the exact recipe came to me by way of two stone tablets delivered to me by God himself on Mount Wright just a few miles away from my home (they let you write the stupidest things on the internet!!!!).

This burger is EPIC !!!! Go make yourself one right now.

The Crazy Mohawk Burger (from top to bottom):

(1) slice of home-style bread with butter on the top side
(1) slice of Oka cheese
(3) bacon strip
(5) pickled sliced jalapeño pepper
(1) slice of Oka cheese
(1) slice of home-style bread with butter on the bottom side

(1) Frank's Red Hot sauce
(2) tangy dill pickle slice
(1) pile of raw red oignons rings
(4) bacon strip
(2) slice of Oka cheese
(1) 1/2 pound beef pattie covered with steak seasoning
(4) bacon strip
(2) slice of Oka cheese
(1) 1/2 pound beef pattie covered with steak seasoning
(2) slice of Oka cheese
(1) mayonnaise and garlic sauce

(1) slice of home-style bread with butter on the top side
(1) slice of Oka cheese
(3) bacon strip
(5) pickled sliced jalapeño pepper
(1) slice of Oka cheese
(1) slice of home-style bread with butter on the bottom side

Monday, February 25, 2013

Django unchained the nerd view.

When we went out to see it, we picked the theatre with the best beer choice.
Good draft strong ale is a nice add to any movie experience. More on beers later. Stay tuned.

Here is my take on the movie: 

Good story: The simplest one, Man seeks his women and revenge. It's working since the Greeks, why fixing what is not broken? Keep it simple, we are guys with beers. If I have to keep a spreadsheet open to follow a story, I won't. I cannot have a beer and operate a laptop.

Good script: The twists and turns to get from beginning to end make you enjoy the trip.
Logic, narrative and plainly funny Very good job

Good photography: Movie is moving photography, you better get is straight from the beginning. A boring movie with nice pictures can be endured like the English patient. But the pretty takes have to belong to the narrative. Pretty picture for the sake have nothing to do in a movie. I would have stayed home and watch National Geography channel on mute if I was wiling to see pretty pictures. Unless those are pictures with pretty girls in nearly no clothing. Scantly clad women are always welcome by guys with beer. Or guys without beer by the way.

Superb acting : except for that guy blown in to pieces by dynamite

One liners: that where we got our money back.

Music score : Good till the last drop. To download. Ooops I mean to buy, really, I mean to buy.

Quirks : I am not sure that Dexter would be able to make sense to the blood stains and body trajectories.

Conclusion : If you like Tarantino or the genre, you already saw it. If not, start ranting about violence in movies you didn't see and video games you didn't play.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 4 Babes you absolutely have to follow on Twitter

We love humans here at "Dead meat needs love too". That’s why Photoshop is our worst enemy. This thing can transform a magnificent woman into an alien from planet Ugly. #straightoutofcamera is more of our thing. Maybe we are weird, but we don’t mind a girl having skin pores. Those things are pretty hard to find on a magazine cover these days! Aliens can be pretty, but why worship something that doesn’t exist. There are already thousands of gods available for that!

Twitter is a very good place to go behind the makeup. All our favorite goddesses are tweeting away cheap cellphone pictures of them living their glamorous life. It’s the best place to really get to know the girl that kind of look like the alien you saw on that magazine cover.

Here are the “Top 4 Babes you absolutely have to follow on Twitter”. Plus a little bonus one if you want to take this twitter thing to the “next level” (the next level being the “naked level” !!!) :

Kaley Cuoco

- the majority of her tweets includes a picture of her (we prefer the bikini ones!)
- she always hang out with other cute girls (the More, the Better !)

- 1 out of 4 pictures will be a picture of one of her dogs
- she always make stupid faces on her pictures (why god, why ????)

Jessica Alba

- the majority of her tweets includes a picture of her (we can't wait for Sin City 2 behind the scene pictures!)
- one of the most beautiful MILF out there (MILF are the best !)

- 3 out of 5 tweets will be about her company or stuff you don’t care about
- she is a vegetarian and would like you to become one (euh…..FORGET IT !!!)

Kate Upton

- the majority of her tweets includes a picture of her (the majority of my thoughts also includes a picture of her !!!)
- a lot of casual behind the scene pictures (same clothes, less Photoshop !)

- not ALL of her tweets includes a picture of her (grrrrrr !)
- she never post pictures with chicks hotter than her (it’s a pretty hard thing to do !)

Olivia Munn

- she is the undisputed "Queen of all Geeks" (search for "Olivia Munn Princess Leia")
- she is extremely funny and sarcastic (yep, girls can be like that sometimes)

- not enough pictures of her (come on Olivia, share the goodness with us more often !)
- she is not wearing the Princess Leia outfit every day (pffffff!!!)

You don’t watch porn. I don’t watch porn. Nobody does! I'm sure it must be the elves, the fairy and the Ewoks who spend billions of dollars each year on this stuff. Anyway, I saw this next girl on the Howard Stern Show (on TV). She seems nice, but not the kind of nice that you parents would approve of! She tweets multiple naked/steamy pictures of her every day and she appears to be a very horny girl next door. I followed her just a couple days before I got bored, but maybe I wasn’t ready for the “next level”!!!!! 

Bibi Jones

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fast food the Belgian way

Fast food in Belgium have been fries long time before industrial cheap places invaded the country towns.
But some villages are resisting to the one fit all get a threat to hook your kids invaders.
They called the places 'fritures'.

The main and often only thing served are fries 'frites'
Cooked in front of you, by orders so that you get them hot and crispy in a paper cones.
The sides dishes you can order are supposed to be meat. Just that you don't know from which animal.
There are rumors about them not being meat at all but saw dust, glue and artificial savors. That might be true but there is no damn tofu at least.
The fries order varies from much, too much and you aren't going to eat all that.
Yes, I can but that's an other subject
And you have to pick a sauce between the two dozen of sauces on the menu
Some place have a choice of craft beers that you cannot imagine possible in your wildest dream
But you can just walked out with dry fries and no drink, nobody will make a fuss
so fries,Andalouse Sauce,cervelas (the sausage like thing) and Chimay bleue.