Monday, February 18, 2013

Fast food the Belgian way

Fast food in Belgium have been fries long time before industrial cheap places invaded the country towns.
But some villages are resisting to the one fit all get a threat to hook your kids invaders.
They called the places 'fritures'.

The main and often only thing served are fries 'frites'
Cooked in front of you, by orders so that you get them hot and crispy in a paper cones.
The sides dishes you can order are supposed to be meat. Just that you don't know from which animal.
There are rumors about them not being meat at all but saw dust, glue and artificial savors. That might be true but there is no damn tofu at least.
The fries order varies from much, too much and you aren't going to eat all that.
Yes, I can but that's an other subject
And you have to pick a sauce between the two dozen of sauces on the menu
Some place have a choice of craft beers that you cannot imagine possible in your wildest dream
But you can just walked out with dry fries and no drink, nobody will make a fuss
so fries,Andalouse Sauce,cervelas (the sausage like thing) and Chimay bleue.

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