Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 4 Babes you absolutely have to follow on Twitter

We love humans here at "Dead meat needs love too". That’s why Photoshop is our worst enemy. This thing can transform a magnificent woman into an alien from planet Ugly. #straightoutofcamera is more of our thing. Maybe we are weird, but we don’t mind a girl having skin pores. Those things are pretty hard to find on a magazine cover these days! Aliens can be pretty, but why worship something that doesn’t exist. There are already thousands of gods available for that!

Twitter is a very good place to go behind the makeup. All our favorite goddesses are tweeting away cheap cellphone pictures of them living their glamorous life. It’s the best place to really get to know the girl that kind of look like the alien you saw on that magazine cover.

Here are the “Top 4 Babes you absolutely have to follow on Twitter”. Plus a little bonus one if you want to take this twitter thing to the “next level” (the next level being the “naked level” !!!) :

Kaley Cuoco

- the majority of her tweets includes a picture of her (we prefer the bikini ones!)
- she always hang out with other cute girls (the More, the Better !)

- 1 out of 4 pictures will be a picture of one of her dogs
- she always make stupid faces on her pictures (why god, why ????)

Jessica Alba

- the majority of her tweets includes a picture of her (we can't wait for Sin City 2 behind the scene pictures!)
- one of the most beautiful MILF out there (MILF are the best !)

- 3 out of 5 tweets will be about her company or stuff you don’t care about
- she is a vegetarian and would like you to become one (euh…..FORGET IT !!!)

Kate Upton

- the majority of her tweets includes a picture of her (the majority of my thoughts also includes a picture of her !!!)
- a lot of casual behind the scene pictures (same clothes, less Photoshop !)

- not ALL of her tweets includes a picture of her (grrrrrr !)
- she never post pictures with chicks hotter than her (it’s a pretty hard thing to do !)

Olivia Munn

- she is the undisputed "Queen of all Geeks" (search for "Olivia Munn Princess Leia")
- she is extremely funny and sarcastic (yep, girls can be like that sometimes)

- not enough pictures of her (come on Olivia, share the goodness with us more often !)
- she is not wearing the Princess Leia outfit every day (pffffff!!!)

You don’t watch porn. I don’t watch porn. Nobody does! I'm sure it must be the elves, the fairy and the Ewoks who spend billions of dollars each year on this stuff. Anyway, I saw this next girl on the Howard Stern Show (on TV). She seems nice, but not the kind of nice that you parents would approve of! She tweets multiple naked/steamy pictures of her every day and she appears to be a very horny girl next door. I followed her just a couple days before I got bored, but maybe I wasn’t ready for the “next level”!!!!! 

Bibi Jones

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