Monday, February 25, 2013

Django unchained the nerd view.

When we went out to see it, we picked the theatre with the best beer choice.
Good draft strong ale is a nice add to any movie experience. More on beers later. Stay tuned.

Here is my take on the movie: 

Good story: The simplest one, Man seeks his women and revenge. It's working since the Greeks, why fixing what is not broken? Keep it simple, we are guys with beers. If I have to keep a spreadsheet open to follow a story, I won't. I cannot have a beer and operate a laptop.

Good script: The twists and turns to get from beginning to end make you enjoy the trip.
Logic, narrative and plainly funny Very good job

Good photography: Movie is moving photography, you better get is straight from the beginning. A boring movie with nice pictures can be endured like the English patient. But the pretty takes have to belong to the narrative. Pretty picture for the sake have nothing to do in a movie. I would have stayed home and watch National Geography channel on mute if I was wiling to see pretty pictures. Unless those are pictures with pretty girls in nearly no clothing. Scantly clad women are always welcome by guys with beer. Or guys without beer by the way.

Superb acting : except for that guy blown in to pieces by dynamite

One liners: that where we got our money back.

Music score : Good till the last drop. To download. Ooops I mean to buy, really, I mean to buy.

Quirks : I am not sure that Dexter would be able to make sense to the blood stains and body trajectories.

Conclusion : If you like Tarantino or the genre, you already saw it. If not, start ranting about violence in movies you didn't see and video games you didn't play.

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