Saturday, May 31, 2014

The ultimate reason to be early at YUL : Archibald

First the beer looks good.
And not being A guy to take a beer on its look, I sampled it,twice. Delicious red ale. Finding craft beer in Airport is a pleasant surprise. I hope it's a trend that will catch on. Fly there and get a pint of local brew in passing. Better way to kill time then hovering in the dirty free shops.

Second the whole place looks good.

 So Canadian with the red plaid and the moose head mounted on the wall. Not your average airport bar,hé

Third the food looks good
There is bacon. :)
Angus beef meat with bacon and local cheese. Not an industrial orange slide of some modified milk substances. Did I mention Bacon ?
Yup, it's another beer, so what ?

Fourth desert with beer in.

From there passing security scrutiny on a happy beer tinted cloud, boarding with a full belly on deliciousness nearly make flying enjoyable again

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