Thursday, March 21, 2013

All we need is budget.

We have it all but one.
We can make better burgers 
(Disclaimer: I never had one of their burgers  but do they change bums by grilled cheese ?)
I can do homemade chips. Crispy as ordered and made on demand.
We have a selection of 20 high end Microbreweries products and one green tea.
My co-blogger can provide the cutest baby girl of the world.
We got cameras, light and all kind of photographic stuffs
Handmade High end fine art black and white prints are available
Did I mention craft beers and bacon already?
The prettiest little city of North America and the oldest too.
We could go up to a salad leaf per burger.
We just lack a few thousand dollars for transport, accommodation and salaries.

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